We are in a dangerous moment when members of the political class celebrate violence and fetishize guns. Plus, contemplating an America if JFK had not been assassinated. @BillKristol joins @SykesCharlie on today's podcast. podcast.thebulwark.com/bill-…

Nov 22, 2021 · 8:19 PM UTC

What if JFK hadn’t been assassinated? What if SCOTUS hadn’t handed George W Bush the Presidency? What if Hillary Clinton had won?… What a far different/better country - world we would be living in. Pass the #FreedomToVoteAct Our country/democracy is at stake.
Will there be more podcast episodes this week?
You talked a little bit about the older vs. newer phenomena of the alt-right, @SykesCharlie, and I'm reminded of a kid I knew in childhood who tried to interest me in some John Birch lit. What I realize is that that kid had to put his $9.95 in an envelope and wait 2 weeks ...
... and then get his little pamphlet and then find someone to share it with. Now the people are networked and the info is pushed out with a firehose. That's the difference today. The "fringe" isn't on the fringe anymore. It's mass-mobilized. (And mainstream GOP is scared of it.)
You may not have felt it, but the election of Barack Obama was hugely significant to many, many Americans. He and Michelle embodied what we want to see in the first family, and still do.