Militant hyper-masculinity is the ideal of Christian manhood in the white evangelical world, and it's part and parcel of Trumpism and today's Republican Party. Author @kkdumez joins @SykesCharlie on today's podcast.…

Nov 24, 2021 · 7:15 PM UTC

Listening to this makes me recall the old Saturday Night Live skit “¿Quién es más macho?”
Spot on for Peter Thiel's candidate purchase in the Ohio senate race, JD Vance who tweeted “As a parent of young children and a nationalist who worries about America’s low fertility I can say with confidence that daylight saving time reduces fertility by at least 10 percent"
Bahaaa haa haaa. Something to ponder!
This was an extremely informative podcast. It was interesting and creepy to learn that the evangelicals like Trump for exactly who he is and not in spite of it.
I grew up in and escaped from the cult of evangelical manhood. And now it permeates everything from the Roganites to the Jordanites to Joe Manchin’s stance against paid family leave in the BBB to guys railing against their superhero films being too “woke”…
I thought Christians aspired to be Christ-like...Jesus was not muy macho
I have heard that Jesus was quite the peacemaker. I don’t think he had any concerns about his masculinity either.
Listen to this Podcast. Is this weaponized masculinity His trumpism is harnessing is not confined to evangelicals it is also exploiting the secularized backlash against feminism.pppppp
Two of my twitter worlds just collided and I don't know how I feel. 🤣 this is so cool though!
I know plenty of evangelical christians that are not militant hyper-masculinity. Most of them are really good people. The militant sort attach themselves to the faith, and Churches don’t turn people away, they want them to find Christ