The build-up of Russian troops on the border is alarming. Afghanistan is facing mass starvation. Meanwhile, Trump country is not only anti-vax, it's pro-obesity. Get fat to own the libs. @davidfrum joins @SykesCharlie on today's podcast.…

Dec 6, 2021 · 7:13 PM UTC

Props for that photo.... that's a pretty damn fine-looking stack of food. (And am I non-ironically making Frum's point, in real time?)
We are sending our spare Big Macs to Afghanistan?
Marge was talking about fighting obesity instead of COVID. Uncommon position?
Speaking about soldiers who’ve been at war not wanting to be around guns any longer, Patrick Macnee from “The Avengers” tv show carried an umbrella instead of a gun because he told the producers he’d had his fill of guns during WWII & didn’t want to be around them again.
RUS, Afghanistan....add CHN, Iran challenges. Inflation, energy policy, crime spike, border insolvency, jobs absent applicants, educ, more. IRT 'Trump Country' - silly label. Pro-balanced nourishment. Booster'd absent identity bannerism. "Sharpen the Saw" (Phys/mental fitness).
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I just listened to the latest podcast with @SykesCharlie & @davidfrum .. and there is nothing better then Charlie describing some GOPs actions as #dickpics 👏👏👏👏 great show you two .. fr a 🇨🇦 fan