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that’s larry bird
The tomato of confusion has arrived. #lockdownextension
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It’s perfectly healthy to have a hobby or something you do for fun that you don’t share on the internet at all.
Being an adult is mostly going to friend’s houses and noticing home improvements they’ve made since the last time you were there.
Jordan is so inspirational. Especially the way he eats a pizza.
It’s normal to watch episodes of #TheLastDance multiple times, right?
when someone's telling you their email address and it ends with 😳
If I had known being a grownup involved putting a comforter into a duvet cover I would’ve been less excited about being a grownup
My #1 iOS feature request: Mark as unread for iMessage
9 🙋🏻‍♂️. Outside of iPhone, faves were Razr and Blackberry.
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Everyone thinks this is cute but I can’t help but see how this cat tried nightly to suffocate its human. #catsaretheworst
“I couldn’t breathe when I slept so I installed a camera”
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If I ever have to get rescued, let it not be like this 🙏🏼
WILD HELICOPTER RESCUE: Firefighters say a 74-year-old woman had to be flown off of Piestewa Peak this morning after she suffered an injury while hiking. STORY:
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Every. Single. Time.
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We sure this isn’t actually @StephenCurry30 ?
Futurists: Robots cannot replace basketball players. @Toyota robots:
In the early 1960s, CA’s population was 15 million & we built 250K-300K homes/year. Today, CA’s population is 40 million & we build 80K homes/year. So our population nearly tripled while housing production dropped by over 2/3. And people wonder why housing is so expensive.
A fire broke out at Tesla's Fremont factory, but was quickly contained with no one injured…
Up on the mountain again today. This time with #kylietayn and her class as a chaperone. Gotta be honest. Totally capitalizing on this “chaperone” opportunity when it comes to getting up to snow for some boarding. 😂
On this day in 1964: Nike was founded (originally known as Blue Ribbon Sports) Sales in 1964: $8,000 for the year Sales in 2019: $8,000 every 7 seconds
Just some old guys hanging out at Denny’s for breakfast. Although some of us are, eh hem, older than the others. 😬😂 It’s my grandpa’s 85th birthday today! Such a great guy who’s deeply loved his family and gone out of his way to help others for so long.