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Replying to @harringtonforda
Perhaps you’re used to special treatment and feeling that the law doesn’t apply to you? For example, you were driving with a suspended license but the officer didn’t cite or arrest you as he was supposed to when you were pulled over. Why?…

Jan 15, 2022 · 2:25 AM UTC

Maybe she has good knee pads. 😉
As much as social media sucks for civilization, the dunks are almost worth it.
Sounds like she may have been dui at the time. 😡🤬
Its good to be part of the ruling class. Cake anyone?
How is it that someone did something illegal, but you feel that it is OK, and that it is only an attack on her because of politics. I have an idea, don't commit a crime and you can't be charged with anything.
That’s how things work in Massachusetts