This wins the award for the dumbest headline ever. Just because locks can be bypassed doesn't mean locks are pointless.
WhatsApp's hack shows end-to-end encryption is largely pointless via @bopinion
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Which is a tad ironic considering the vast majority of physical locks are bypassable (sp?) with the a little knowledge and practice. But like building reasonable physical security, digital security has to come in layers, be proportional to the threat models, and, most importantly

May 15, 2019 · 3:36 AM UTC

1 built and VETTED by competent people, regularly tested and updated to match new threats and methodologies, and not "left to rot on the gate." Master makes GREAT physical locks, for example. But their "implementations" of the security inside are UTTER SHIT. Just like you...
...don't put an Assa Abloy on a tree fort (doesn't match the threat model or the surrounding "system security." Far too many get that wrong, and then fail to fix it when they get called out on it.