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With Omicron rapidly spreading, there has never been a better time to encourage our brothers and sisters who have elected to not get a COVID-19 vaccination, to consider the scientific facts regarding vaccination and eradication. #injectthetruth #vaccinatetodayfortomorrow
@AlisonBechdel I really appreciated your comic "Fun Home". I am sure that this piece has resonated with many people and helped them in coping. You are a very invigorating writer & illistrator!
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As a vaccinated RN, I am currently seeing the cause and effect of inappropriately mandated vaccination policies. Until the federal government steps in and creates an exemption form that accommodates for religious, and cultural needs, vaccine mandates are going to be constantly..
violating the civil rights of U.S. citizens.. According to Gur-Arie et al. (2021), vaccine mandates are the most restrictive and intrusive form of vaccine policy. #CivilRights
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I enjoy foods of all different types(meat included) but exploiting any of Earths inhabiters is absolutely unacceptable. We should appreciate what we have here and be grateful for anything that sacrifices itself for sustainability, whether animal or plant❤️🌎 #endspeciesism
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Angelina Jolie appears completely captivated by Oprah's #MeToo speech.
It is refreshing to see such powerful women standing in solidarity for such a worthy cause. Angelina Jolies look needs not a single word to convey her feelings on the matter. This gives strength to many women and extends the reach of the cause.
This is a moment in history where two powerful women join in arms for a battle that has been plaguing since the beginning of time.
The expression on Angelina Jolie's face embodies the feeling of many women. A wordless outcry of simultaneous strength and pain.
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Wildfires are not just a problem in the United States, these often avoidable catastrophes are destroying lives globally! #TurkeyIsBurning #FaceTheClimateEmergency
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I am a Registered Nurse at a hospital in the United States of America and was told by administration that they will no longer be doing in house covid testing. Staff must be tested on their own time out in the community and pay for it with their own money. SMH 🇺🇸
Becoming aware that among 11 developed countries the United States of America has the highest maternal mortality rate. Adding to this already disturbing statistic, women of color are 2-3x as likely to die from a pregnancy related complication than white women.
what radicalized you?
In February 2015, Kate Brown became the first elected LGBT governor."I think it is so critically important that we have LGBTQ voices at the leadership table", said Kate Brown. Photo courtesy of usatoday. #WomensPoliticalFirsts