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💖 I'm sponsoring @marak because… I don't even use .js or node, but what he did was the right thing, and that should be supported.…
#ohthehumanity Phil Spencer managing Bobby Kotick. You can't make that sh.t up...
And just to be sure all of you get how serious this is: Brian Ancton (the new signal CEO) is the guy that made sure WhatsApp is the least secure messaging app on the planet, so they could sell your data.
#tiobe No, being the most googled language doesn't mean it is the best, or most used language. It just means it's documentation sucks. #Python
What a sad day for Rust. The core team had the chance to use this situation as a chance to move forward, but instead they keep insisting on the importance of privacy, thus keeping the door open to brush things under the rug when needed.… #rustlang
Sadly my health situation is not getting any better, so I decided to skip the stream today. Hope to be better tomorrow.
Every single company that was affected by the single zone #aws #outages should should they CTO, and fire all their TDs. All of that was completely avoidable by a clean architecture.
Looks like I will be out of commission for a while. More doctor's appointments next week.
Got a pinched/inflammed nerve in my elbow, so under strict doctor's orders to stay away from keyboards :(
#fsck #DayAgainstDRM Or as creators call it: Steal our work so we can starve day.
I am seriously starting to get concerned about Tim Sweeny's mental well being. The company that can't even run an app store for one platform - wants to run an app store for all platforms?
For everyone asking, Lewis is OK. He's on his way back to the paddock now.
Back on my boat. Wanted to stream today, but ... 800kbps upload... now and then :( Will need to get faster internet first.
Got the cast removed from my finger today, but must resist the urge to use it, so no stream today :( But coding again soon :)
Still got my finger in a cast, so instead of coding on Fiiish we'll play Zak McKracken for now.