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To recruiters: avoid email subject "Could this be interesting to you?"; for people with web sites that is now monopolized by SEO parasites.
Funny how "dark theme" is voguish now. I remember when the Jobsian/PARC paper skeuomorph infected everything, even terminals. Good riddance.
People become doctors for the money and/or to "help others"; you don't hear much about them doing it for their own longevity or good health.
Read about "self hosters" taking back power from centralized big tech monopolies. Heard this song before when mainframes gave the PC its P.
There is a Quake CLI option `-nojoy` to disable joystick. The documentation assures us, "the fun factor in the game will remain the same".
XSS exploit warnings simply using "C++" in search terms; worst language name ever? Well, C#, Go, and "Java"script put it in perspective.
A scammer rented $1.5e6 of textbooks with gift cards and simply resold them. Is this a great crime? Or greatest crime ever?
I have a superstition that many queries of carrier package tracking information raise the priority of that delivery. Because it should.
After ~5 code additions with error-free compiles, I add garbage just to verify I'm actually compiling the file I think I'm working on.
Instead of C++{98,03,11,14,17,20,23} etc, a new + should be added. C+++++++++ would be a useful mental impediment to add more. Like Bitcoin.
Buddha: "Craving and desire are the cause of all unhappiness." Not all desires! Presumably the desire to be free of unhappy desires is fine.
The most dispiriting battery powered device is my battery tester. To avoid a paradox, it can not indicate when its own battery is low.
"Coding" is easy. But it requires you to properly understand your problem. That is extremely hard and where most programmers fail.
If there were a master toggle switch to get rid of all the unlabeled toggle switches in the world, I'd turn it on but mean to turn it off.
"I probably take risks that if I were to do the expected-utility calculation could not be justified, like bicycling." S.Pinker NYTinterview.
While time traveling to warn album cover artists..."So this Spotytunes will sell tiny 1cm albums over the phone?" "Ya, something like that."
I love it when you click "Sign Out" or "Log Off" and the web site then tells you to "Please wait..."
My pitch: training GANs to generate pitches that bilk money out of VC investors.
If one considers the phenomenology of time dilation to be morally important, formal education becomes much more sinister.