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@Disney yay you reached a deal with @YouTubeTV! The key takeaway here is allowing your content on other platforms is mutually beneficial. I *still* pay for both your service and YouTube, but prefer the single linear programming interface of “traditional TV”.
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Dear @Tesla, @elonmusk , please start a race team and enter the Baja 500/1000 with Cybertruck. In full autonomous mode. History awaits.
Dear @Waymo, would you want to up the game and put your technology in an F1 car against @LewisHamilton? Driving a Prius is one thing. Can you beat a champion? @TopGear_BBCA is waiting to produce the film.
Dear @TopGear_BBCA, can you organize a race against @LewisHamilton and a @Waymo-powered, autonomous F1 car?
As a parent, all you really want in life is to eat a meal, not rushed, with all of your children not needing you. One day...
I feel one of the hardest problems in Computer Science is scheduling a recurring meeting in Outlook in a free conference room.
Charlie's naked time turned into Charlie pees on dad's shoes time.
Dear @AmazonVideo, I would pay $15+ to watch a movie on theatrical opening day from my living room. Can you make this happen?
Dear @Toyota, why not introduce the "serious" accessories for the Tacoma, like you have for the Hilux in Oz? toyota.com.au/hilux/accessor…
A boy and his dog. The relationship begins. instagram.com/p/-9qM7VMDfs/
Today went a lot faster than the first day. Framing is done. Next up the finish carpentry.… instagram.com/p/-m3CnVsDSJ/
Dear @SamuelAdamsBeer, will you please start buying craft breweries? I would drink better if that were the case.
Dear @REI, Coleman propane (et al) is probably the most annoying thing you sell to conscientiously recycle. Can you please help fix this?
A random walk at the park turned into Charlie being the honorary mascot for the Special Olympics… instagram.com/p/6RD5YGsDbp/
As election year approaches, remember there are SUV families and van families. You now know where the… instagram.com/p/6L4AA0sDVK/