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We will not be using this account again. Thanks to all the friends we met on here, for the inspiration and for following us throughout all these years. Until next time
Nice idea, maybe I’d finally pick up the phone 😄
My wife has wanted to feature on her phone for a while where people have to let you know WHY they’re calling you, so I decided to sketch it out for fun. 🧵
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I've been flirting with many JS frameworks for too long... Just rebuilt my personal website for the first time using... @GoHugoIO. Who would have thought, right? 😅
Happy Introvert Day! 😶‍🌫️
Also, every time I want to test something in a fresh setup I have to copy/paste structure from other projects...
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This, RSS and forums 🤗
2022 should be the year that people start having conversations via blog posts again. Bring back the mid-2000s web 😅
...but Rails (Puma) is doing it right! 🤗
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Just finished Dying Light, what a damn good game 🖤🇵🇱 It felt kinda like Half-Life 2, Metro, Mirror’s Edge and Dishonored merged together 🤯
This year, during the xmas break I won’t do Swift stuff. It’s time to check Rails 😋
I love the idea of Heartbeats. This powerful concept focuses on quality, not quantity as meetings do. I wonder when companies realize that our time matters and wasted time is wasted money. It's so obvious but still somehow undiscovered...…
OMG, so cool! <3
Hey y’all! I compiled my best and favorite reloads! No robot voice and now widescreen format! Enjoy!! :)
Now you can fetch assets/resources remotely and plug them into Hugo Pipes. A special shout-out to @vanbroup for his work on this release – the release you really, really want!… #golang #gohugo #jamstack #webdev #staticgen @bepsays
I enjoyed today’s AoC (day 6). Lesson learned 🤓
Advent of Code is for-loop... 😅
I knew only few of these, but here’s a full combo, terminal junkies 🤗
Ctrl - w And alt - d i use alot
The secret of the macOS Monterey network quality tool | DanPetrov…