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hey @GooglePlay whats that crap with me losing my play points and my balance for moving to another EU country? @googleeurope and why am I limited to move once in a year? Whats up with this stupid per country crap anyways? you got that about no borders and shared market, right?
watch the challenge that made me reach world rank 100 #wearedcl via @YouTube
happy #2021 everybody, hope you had a chill and safe nye!
yo, @humble you should mention on your page that the big royalty free music bundle you are selling, only includes a "1 project per song" license.
the @DroneChampionsL (DCL) has intransparent and arbitrary changing rules! help us make them understand that a good sport needs clear and transparent rules: #wearedcl #droneracing #dronechampionsleague #dclthegame
yo @thingiverse you know we all waited for the redesign to improve things.. well turns out it made things worse. a lot. can you please roll back to the previous version, so your search is useful again?
the @DroneChampionsL released their #videogame #dclthegame this week, time to have a look at this #fpv sim.
so, I'm not using @twitter all that often nowadays, and it's losing more and more appeal with little things that I find annoying - for example getting mails about #notifications just to learn that the notification is about missed tweets, rather than about something relevant.
hey @Yubico i recently bought one of your keys, and wanted to put it to use, but the android authenticator app doesn't show in the play store, all i get is "We're sorry, the requested URL was not found on this server.". Seriously, WTF?