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At today’s event on national policies for the protection of civilians in armed conflict 🇵🇱 underlined that effective implementation of and ensuring compliance with #IHL are key for #PoC. We've🇵🇱 been a staunch advocate for respect of int'l law: in #UNSC, #HRC and as #OSCE2022POL.
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CRUEL PRINCE✖️WICKED A cursed half-fay jester overhears a plot to kill the crown prince. To save her home from a bloodied war of human red & fay gold, she must uncover the assassin’s identity & embrace her own. If only the kingdom took her seriously. #YA #F #IWSGPit #POC
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Eesha's family gift is the sight of future but it is also the curse that killed her mother. And will now claim the love of her true love. Eesha must vow to never see him again or use the gift to save him from his fate. #IWSGpit #YA #Co #F #POC #LGBTQ
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LA LA LAND x ARI & DANTE Elton has the voice of an angel, but his inner demons block his rise to stardom. He finds refuge in Martin, his muse and his record producer's son. But love and work don't mix, especially if it could cost him his career #IWSGPit #YA #CON #OWN #LGBT #POC
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PIRATE SIX OF CROWS 🏴‍☠️ Indian-inspired land: When assassin Nilam must cross a cursed sea for a heist, the promised wealth barely holds her & her ragtag crew of outlaws together. But kept grudges will lead to their demise—unless the sea kills them first. #IWSGPit #YA #F #POC
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#IWSGPit THUG XTHE WAY I USED TO BE 17 y/o Poetry is anything but prose. A mental misfit, her friends were her heart’s blood. In a crash, their lives smashed to oblivion. Lost in her pain, the only way to save herself, is she must fight to save the life of another. #YA #CO #POC
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A fey girl with amnesia An aloof faerie Knight + A boy with a secret Wander an Earth overrun by Soul Stealers, ruled by a Dark King. As their secrets come back to haunt them, they learn their lives are inevitably intertwined with the fight for peace #POC #IWSGpit #YA #F
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ATLAxfaeries In a world ruled by a dark King & his army of Soul Stealers Azura, Caspian, and Drew contend with lost memory, secrets and danger at every turn. Full of magic, an exploration + love story of how despite all the odds, life can be iridescent. #IWSGpit #YA #F #POC