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There is no way to justify Aaron Rodgers getting the MVP over Tom Brady. That said, I'd give it to Micah Parsons: 1. He's had an amazing year. 2. He's been SUPER valuable to his team's success 3. He went to Penn State; so did I and I'm biased #WeArePennState @MicahhParsons11
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@penn_state Congratulations🎉 a new success has been added to your alumni records. However, three others people (PennState alumni) are working in a high government positions in Saudi Arabia one of them is a Minister of Economic and Planning @falibrahim. #weArePennState So proud!
(I see it is a class at my alma mater. We are...SO WOKE!) Note, the prof is correct: they are a brutal theocracy that have taken the most orthodox aspects of their religion to create a misogynistic authoritarian regime. #WeArePennState
#wearepennstate #nittanylionswin #kungpaochickenandrice #psuvsrutgers #big10mbb #capricornioseason🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀😀😀😀💕💕💕👅👅🌏🌈☀🥃🥃🤣
You’re* #YouAre punctual but grammatically incorrect, BOTH are very important! #WeArePennState
Front row! If your not 10 minutes early your late. Set the standard. @coachjfranklin @PennStateFball @CoachTHowle
Yo @THEChrisMack I said "you know what my boys team is playing tonight and I'm going to bet them" #WeArePennState
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@saquon completely agree with you brother and fellow nittany lion 🦁#wearepennstate #Bitcoin #Legacy