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Statistics dictate that the wildland firefighter will more likely die by their own hand than in the line of duty. #firecide #soberlife #MentalHealthMatters #Mentalhealth #SuicidePrevention
Breaking their spirit, breaking their families, breaking their hearts, breaking their bank accounts…. #mentalhealth #sobriety #firecide
Give this a read👇 Wildland Fire’s Great Exodus by Bre Orcasitas Is Bre’s call to action what we need? Also check out Bre’s work at !
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Vulnerability is often linked with pain, hurt, weakness, or other negative connotation linked to emotions, why? It’s often the “manager” that says do this do that, its more times than not the leader that does it. Are you a leader? This is me checking on u #mentalhealth #firecide
We tell our stories, not necessarily to help others, although that's part of it, but it is often more therapeutic for the speaker than it is for the listener. All this while the listener realizes they aren't alone in this struggle. #soberfire #firecide #mentalhealth
Today marks one year of sobriety. On the job #ptsd self medicating, not realizing what was going on for far too long. #Mentalhealth is incredibly important for longevity in this job #firecide Be calm. Think clearly. Act Decisively. When it comes to #substanceabuse know the signs
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The challenge with #Mentalhealth is the stigmatism. Since we don't talk about it, we don't learn about it. If someone doesn't know what a problem looks like how would they know what help to even ask for? #firecide It takes nothing away from one candle to light another candle.
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Another interesting fact about 30% is that Wildland Firefighters are 30% more likely to commit suicide #firecide than the general population. #Mentalhealth
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Doing well brother. It takes nothing away from one candle to light another candle. #Mentalhealth #firecide #ptsd
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This started my 2020 #mylastnormalphoto dealing with #Mentalhealth #firecide Wildland fire suicide and #sobriety in this year in dealing with the pandemic on top of learning to let the past go was incredibly interesting. Today I want to help others avoid all the traps I hit hard.
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Will be reading What I experienced is not unique. The epedimic of #mentalhealth and suicide #firecide in the wildland community has become paramount to my personal mission while leading in the fire service. All I want to do now is help folks avoid every trap that I hit hard.
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Anything for #mentalhealth and Wildland firefighters? #firecide
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"Choosing our own comfort over hard conversations is the epitome of privilege, and it corrodes trust and moves us away from meaningful and lasting change." @BreneBrown #DareToLead #Mentalhealth #firecide
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#lastphoto #Mentalhealth #firecide Hard to share, but harder to keep silent. In the Wildland Fire community we are 30% more likely to commit suicide.
Except the rate at which the wildland fire community is committing suicide #firecide is at a rate 30% higher. Not to take away from trauma victims, but it would be nice to have first responders be all there when they arrive, and when they leave. #Mentalhealth
Agreed, however in the Wildland Community the risk of suicide #firecide is at a rate 30% higher. That's why this subject is news. The epedimic of #Mentalhealth in the field, and the mismanagement and maltreatment of wildland fire personnel.
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As someone who serves in the wildland fire service, I appreciate this piece. I've personally fallen into many of these mental health traps, and more. It took me listening to other folks' stories to realize I'm not unique. As iron sharpens iron, so do we with eachother. #firecide
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This is fantastic! I hope that those who become educated about their trauma in turn fight for the wildland community that are having epidemic #suicide #firecide #mentalhealth challenges. It takes nothing away from one candle to light another candle.
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It is in simplicity that complexity emerges. #ptsd is unseen, easily swept under the rug. It's the "shut up and dig" mentality of the old guard #subatanceabuse tolerated/encouraged. #EmotionalIntelligence not where it should be #firecide suicide often feels like the strong choice
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Unresolved trauma is like walking around blindfolded that only you know about, but wondering why no one is helping you. #mentalhealth #ptsd #firecide