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hey, ass nuts! I've been locked up at home, living totally alone, since March. And since you've been so fucking selfish, we're now back to square one in getting this shit under control. I have committed no crimes, but I'm forced to live in solitary because you have some bullshit
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This app really is shite Do you use an app for android that isn't from Twitter? Tell me about it
Using the Twitter app for mobile. The font is a bit too large for my liking, and there's no actual setting under the "change your font size, etc" setting header. Pfft.
It's good to be a gangsta
kcrnicu is still spitting her lies and conspiracies. but, she's blocked me. must not be too solid in her stance.
geeze, @JoyVBehar . How many iterations did you have to go through before you found the right spell? brava
I interviewed ⁦@MeghanMcCain⁩ about #TheView’s “toxic work environment,” backstage tensions and what Joy Behar said to her on TV that made her leave the show. variety.com/2021/tv/news/meg…
fuck pandas. fuck it right in its dirty ear. i just want some simple data orgs. night, nuggets.
I retract everything bad I've said about people using VAERS. I've seen the light. The vax IS dangerous. Thank you for showing me the way, @callanswag2
Also @badvaers just to confirm that European one is just their version of VAERS right? Lol
repeat after me, class you, too, @prissy2 "Do your own research"
Oh, @angelysseA, you little qrazyqunt qake. You said it's on their website, which means there's words there that say so, or a login for medical professionals. but rather than prove me wrong, you toss whatabouts with moving goal posts, and then a block.
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And then when you say to prove I submitted a claim, you apparently know best that it's a fraudulent claim.
I don't think I've ever enjoyed saying "do your own research" as much as I have today.
TIL I'm a toxic gmo estrogen, cuck, and a soy boy. Thanks, Chad!
Replying to @soylenttx
Yeah. Soy is toxic gmo estrogen. Just like you
It's ppl like this, not just the antivax, who scream about the truth being withheld (lies) but won't (can't) actually prove their claims (lies). All they do is perpetuate fear and mistrust amongst those who blindly follow. What about "do your own research"? Shame on you
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it's been 0 days since Chad trotted out the incel chant of "soy boy"
Same with Men We should Detox, then build muscle, sun bathe, clean meat/greens/fruits, remove stress Retain our sperm besides regular intercourse This will get our semen to BASED level 99/99 = 12 strand DNA 🧬 activated sperm🔥
I'm not a super nerd like @snpsandsnRNPs , but even I think I understand this. people. can't live with 'em, can't toss 'em in their dumpster fires.
Punishments for breaking Mendelian laws aren't nearly severe enough IMHO.