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You are correct that Telegram X does not have the in-app reset functionality that the other apps have. I can't say when that feature will come to Telegram X, so at this point your options are either to stay logged in on that one session until that feature possibly comes, or ...
to save important messages/files from your current account, and then reset it, so you can have the full ability to log in on other devices. You could forward messages/media to a friend or another account, and then send them back to your new account after you reset.
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On Telegram, your app theme is completely customizable. On Android go to Settings > Chat Settings > Browse Themes to create and customize your own theme, including your message and background colors.
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And this is about sharing a live location?
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The Desktop and Web apps requires that a user receive a login verification code from the *Telegram App* on another device, rather than SMS. In this case, you will need to log in to Telegram on your phone before you can access the Web app. Does your phone have active SMS service?
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Does this happen on both WiFi and mobile data?
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I'm not sure exactly what the bug is from the video – can you explain it to me?
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Logging in and out multiple times in a day can trigger a temporary lockout of the account (about 24 hours in which you can't log in again). Is there any specific reason why you are logging in and out so frequently?
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Does this happen on both WiFi and mobile data?
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Does the SMS code not arrive to your device, or something else?
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What happens when you try sharing a location?
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How did you know about the secret Telegram moon base?
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The best place for that is
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If this is happens on both mobile data and WiFi, you may need to enable a VPN to properly connect to the app. You can also reach out to your internet provider and see if they have more detailed information.
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Unless you're on dark mode. Then I'm your shadow in the world of snow-blindness.
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I'm afraid channels cannot be claimed after the owner account was deleted.
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If you view a post again after a few days or if you view it on another device, it will increase the count. If you forwarded it, the counter also includes those views.
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For the official Telegram apps, you can report bugs on
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If you're logged into the account somewhere, you can use that app to update the phone number attached to the account. If not, I'm afraid there's no way to access the account without access to that number. Your mobile service provider may be able to provide a SIM with it.